Okman | Portrait of a Young Man

Mounting foam on canvas with frame, 50x40cm.

Artist Statement

£2,800 (exc. VAT)

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Okman is a pseudonym of one anonymous artist in Europe. His unique work combines both abstract and contemporary art. Okman combines sculpture and painting in his art. This interlacing is noticeable in his paintings done by a composition of plastic art on canvas, where there are layers of a broad choice of colours.

Okman's art is easily distinguishable for its peculiar use of a combination of plastic foam and colours. Okman enables the observer to get an idea concerning his thoughts about the present world. You can see in his picture a strong dichotomy between lifelike and lifeless, painted or modelled, two or three dimensional, perfect and imperfect. In this way, the artist tries to demonstrate the expressionless time in which he lives. The picture shows us the diversity of the 21st century when the world is proud of a remarkable technological boom, growing wealth and unlimited possibilities. In direct contradiction of this process, the world is dying and is tainted as never before. 

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 60 cm







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