Painter – Tom Dearie – Dead beneath the coconut palms, that’s the life for me

Year: 2017

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 60 x 80 cm


£2,400 (exc. VAT)

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I try to make paintings which depict environments or narratives through which a viewer can construct something themselves. Inspired by themes in literature and film, such as science fiction or crime fiction, they are not always places you would want to be. Certain stories or concepts function as a starting point for the painting, however as the work grows the narratives take on there own meaning. I learnt through drawing, particularly cartoons where the powerful but simple base imagery has to infer and lead a viewer. What can be created in the spaces between different contrasting images? This is where the story lies. 

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 5 cm