Palette With 9 Compartments

Pure white, 8-well palette makes mixing paint a breeze. 

  • A fine pure white palette with nine compartments in a floral shape for Chinese/Watercolour/Acrylic/Gouache. 
  • Size:170mm diameter.
  • 8 deep partitions for color mixing.
  • Materials: High-density white poluyethylene, smooth and easy to clean surface, excellent engineering plastic and two hundred and fifty times sgtronger, thirty times stronger than acrylic, extremely strong and impact-resistant.


Sunny Art Centre is one of London's leading art studios, located in central London. Our staff have been specialised in teaching art and organising art events for over ten years. Our vast experience includes working on behalf of leading corporations such as Selfridges & Co, Harrods, Giorgio Armani, Freshfields, HSBC Bank, ITV, Victoria&Rolf, PricewaterhouseCoopers (P W C), Royal Academy of Art, amongst many others. We offer the world's finest art materials for traditional Chinese and Japanese brush painting, calligraphy, ink painting and Japanese Sumi-e. Here you can find everything you need, which includes: Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy & Sumi Brushes, Rice & Shuen Paper, Bamboo Paper, Ink Sticks, Chinese Ink Stones, Water Droppers, Chinese Felt, Mulberry Paper, Chinese Art Books and all kinds of beautiful Seal Stones. All the art materials are carefully selected and tested by our art tutors so we can guarantee every customer that every product we sell could meet our sky-high expectations.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm