Sculptor – Andrzej Szymczyk – Siamese Fighter Fish

Medium: Bronze 
Size: 33 x 29 cm
Edition of 12


£2,600 (exc. VAT)

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Andrzej Szymczyk’s sculpture is founded in hyperrealism in human and animal forms which he then blends with varying degrees of expressive interpretation. Careful study and deep analysis of the anatomy of every subject he sculpts enables him to recreate the subtlest tensions of musculature and movement, and to articulate his vision with high levels of accuracy. This deep understanding of physical characteristics gives Andrzej the ability to manipulate and create something new, rather than recreate the reality. He strives for his sculptures to have an emotional impact on the viewer, to call to mind memories or to tell stories, as if each has its own spirit that is emerging from within. 

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 33 × 29 × 10 cm