Vicente López Portaña | Portrait of a Dame

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Date: Late 18th – early 19th Century 

Measurements: 76cm x 60cm Framed 66cm x 50cm Unframed

Condition: Scratch on lower left. Frame with light scratches and damages due to ageing. 

Vicente López Portaña was a Spanish neoclassical painter born in Valencia in 1772. Vicente began his studies at the Academy of San Carlos, wherein 1789 he was awarded a scholarship in Madrid for his painting titled King Hezekiah. He lived in the city of Madrid for 13 years and, during this period, he was greatly influenced by the work of painters such as Francisco Bayeu, Mariano Salvador Maella and Mengs, Vicente López.[1]

He returned to Valencia in 1792, where he painted the portrait of King Fernando VII wearing the clothing of the Order of Carlos III as well as numerous other paintings of French military chiefs who occupied Spain during the War of Independence. The incredibly realistic feeling in his portraits made King Fernando VII appoint him his First Chamber Painter in 1815. With this new title, Vincete moved back to Madrid once again and became the desired painter for portraits of the aristocracy and the upper bourgeoisie. Among his paintings, he painted that of the third Earl of Lerena: Pedro López de Lerena Sobarzo.

In 1826, he painted his best-known work: the portrait of painter Francisco de Goya, and in 1831 he made another portrait of Ferdinand VII, this time wearing the robe of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Vincente died on July 22, 1850, when he was First Chamber Painter for Isabel II of Spain.

As a curious fact, Vicente López appeared on the 25 pesetas notes of 1931 during the second Spanish Republic and several of his works, including his self-portrait, were used for series of Spanish stamps in 1973.  A testament of Spain’s appreciation for Vincente’s outstanding work.  

[1] To learn more about the artist’s life, see: Isidro, B. A., ‘Garbados por dibujos de Vincente López’, Archivo Espanol de Arte, 16(55), 51-57.





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