Art Rental Service

Art collecting can be a difficult task. Our Rent an Artwork service is designed to make the process of collecting art accessible. Whether you’re investing or collecting for pleasure, no matter what the reason, we provide a flexible program to make starting or furthering an art collection easier.

By working with employers, collectors, and art lovers, we help to enrich their working or home spaces by providing links to artworks that are stimulating and unique. When faced with deciding to purchase an artwork or not, we help by providing everyone with an opportunity to try an artwork first. To see if it fits their requirements and desires.

We offer the chance to rent artworks for periods of time that can be from 1 month to stretching several years. Giving you the flexibility to engage and interact with the artwork and see how it affects your space. There’s no need to worry if the artwork is not suitable for the environment, as the scheme enables you to swap out your rented piece for another. The Sunny Art Centre offers a wide gamut and oeuvre of art pieces from a multiplicity of practises and media.

Our new service is a great way for you to add some stunning artwork to your home or business. This programme was born out of a desire to help businesses establish a more creative environment to boost employee morale, and to help our artists reach a wider audience.


Ways in which artwork benefit your business:


  • Artwork in the workplace can improve productivity. The contemplative nature of art inspires creative thinking and problem solving, while reducing stress levels.
  • If you would like to bring something different to your offices, you can easily swap the artwork for a different piece without incurring extra rental costs.
  • By renting our artworks, there is the potential to form professional partnerships and sponsorships between our gallery and your business.



 Why choose us?


  • Rent an Artwork suits your needs. The flexibility allows you to begin or continue an art collection without hassle.
  • A cost-effective way to display artworks from local and international artists.
  • Swap artworks around quickly and efficiently at no extra costs.
  • You liaise directly with us, so there’s no middle man.
  • We specialise in a wide variety of media and styles ranging from oil paintings, to Chinese prints, ceramics and more.
  • You will be supporting local and international artists. If your company prides itself on ethical trading, you can be assured that all artists are paid fairly.
  • Minimum effort on your part, simply tell us your specifications and preferences, and we do the rest.
  • No hidden costs: we’ll give you a full quote after your consultation.
  • Thanks to our credit scheme, you earn reward credits which you can cash in for artwork, art courses, or tickets to art fairs and events.
  • Renters will receive exclusive VIP tickets to exhibition openings at the Sunny Art Centre.



How it works:


Our Rent an Artwork process is hassle-free:

1, We set up a free consultation at a date and location that suits you. You tell us about the space and type of artwork you are interested in renting.

2, You sit back and relax while our curators handpick a selection of artworks based on what we have learnt about you and your space.

3, We present you with a proposal with a number of different options including a payment plan.

4, Once you have chosen the artwork(s) we can arrange delivery and installation.

Below is a just a small selection of our diverse and ever-growing collection. 


Click here to download the booklet : Art Rental Service



If you are a first time collector, paintings are a good start as an extremely versatile and appealing medium.

We have a large spectrum of works, from beautifully created impressionistic landscapes to vibrant and stimulating abstract pieces.  We have something to suit every art lover's taste.

A bold painting can attract the viewer; ideal for businesses, as it would leave clients with a lasting and positive impression of your company.

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If you're looking for something a little different to adorn your home or business, sculpture may be the perfect thing for you.

Having a three-dimensional artwork can add real character to a space, depending on its placement a sculpture can be enjoyed from multiple angles.

Changes in the light can also dramatically change the mood of the piece and the space it sits in, making this form of art infinitely interesting and stimulating.

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Our ceramic collection at Sunny Art Centre is extensive and includes stunning painstakingly detailed works which take hours to create.

From large bold pieces to the more delicate intricate pieces, there is an artwork here to suit any personality.

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Photography is an exciting and compelling medium.  At Sunny Art Centre we have wide range of photographic styles.  These range from the dramatic and cinematic fashion photography to the serene and beautifully minimalistic landscapes.

Our photographers are at the top of their game, by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative styles to create works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Sunny Art Centre has a fresh collection available to rent, from the traditional Chinese prints to surreal and playful collages.

Historically, prints and collages have allowed artists take classical imagery and combine them with symbols of popular cultures, resulting in humorous yet critical pieces of creative artworks.

The combination of playfulness and more sober elements creates striking images that touch upon contemporary issues.  These details make collage and prints unique artworks that can add a touch of cultural and social commentary to any space, making them an excellent focal point.

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Credit Service


Our service features a credit-based system that is dependent on how much your rental costs are.  You gain a certain amount of credits per month that you can spend in several ways, such as purchasing the piece or renting other artworks.

If you rent an artwork for long enough, the amount of money you spend each month for the piece will be calculated as credit that can be used to purchase the work.  In fact, when you have spent enough money for rental costs that would cover the total price of the piece itself, it automatically becomes yours.  From there, you can choose to use the rental fee for a different artwork instead.


Pricing and Credit Plans 

The rent an artwork service is paid for on a monthly basis.  This fee is calculated based on the size and type of artwork you have to rent.

The monthly rental cost will be the sum of the individual dimension, weight, and value costs. For example, an artwork measuring 25 x 25cm, weighing 2kg, with a value of £150 will cost £20 per month.


Redeeming Your Credits

Credits are a valuable currency and they are eligible for an exclusive variety of services with the Sunny Art Centre. Some examples of how you might like to spend your credits include: Purchasing the rented artwork.

*Purchasing or renting further artwork.

*As payment for our large variety of art courses, which include oil and acrylic painting, drawing, and Chinese calligraphy and painting. A full list of courses available is on our website.

*Purchasing tickets to art fairs and exhibitions.

Delivery and Handling fees


Delivery in London: dependant on a number of artworks.

The rest of the UK: (dependant on distance and number of artworks) - will be quoted.

Handling fees: £25 per hour - The work will be professionally installed by our team of art technicians.

You can also opt to pick up the artworks from our Gallery located just a 2 minutes walk from Chancery Lane tube station.


Insuring the artworks


The renter is responsible for the artworks in their care and can choose whether to insure the artworks or not. The renter is solely liable for any damages, accidents or thefts of the artwork(s) should the unthinkable happen.  Alternatively our team can arrange insurance for the artworks on the renter's behalf and invoice the renter each month.