Art / Design Shop

Our art and design shop is located right in the heart of the City of London. It houses some of the best artworks by international artists sourced from all over the world, here gathered to showcase their jewellery, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, prints and illustrations.

Our philosophy is to enable emerging and creative artists to display the best of their work while at the same time trying to keep their display fresh with new, cutting-edge designs. Every month new artists keep joining us and those that are already displaying with us, keep contributing to new and fresh collections and series of work.

The eclectic nature of our art and design shop offers a carefully curated selection of contemporary artworks of the highest quality which guarantees satisfaction among our collectors and art lovers.

Our jewellers include master silversmiths and goldsmiths whose work spans from fine jewellery designs to silver and goldware. At the same time, our ceramists’ work comes from all over the world. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of styles and designs made with a wide range of different materials. The sculptors and painters who showcase with us are the reflections of the current contemporary artistic momentum.

Renown artists who showcase with us are, for example, Dawn Rowland and Glynis Owen, fellows of the Royal Society of Sculpture; Jocelyn Burton, master silversmith and goldsmith; Tim Andrews and Yuta Segawa, international masters of the art of ceramics.


If you are an artist and your work fits with our gallery's aesthetic, please feel free to contact us.

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