Fine Art Consultancy

The fine art consultancy service provides professional advice and a comprehensive service in fine art purchases. An understanding of gallery systems and auction houses, the ability to resource suitable artworks tailored to the individual needs of our clients. This has included a diverse spectrum of Modern Masters, Impressionist, Cubist and Realist artists. It can be a selection from different art periods from our clients refined and required tastes of art such as: Italian Renaissance, Northern Renaissance,  Neo-impressionism , Classical Realism, Romanticism, Rococo, Baroque, Post-impressionism, Art Nouveau, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Bauhaus, Minimalism, Contemporary, Pop Art, Conceptual Art, Postmodern Art.

We specialise in assisting our Asian client base, introducing them to bespoke European artworks and displaying what the Western art market has to offer to the East. In particular, we have resourced for clients in Shanghai, Beijing, Macau, Guangzhou. This tailored sourcing of artworks can range from public scale shopping mall openings to more personal requests for a clients own private collection.