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Art doesn't sell itself, someone needs to sell it.

Not only will our consultants at Sunny Art Centre represent you and promote and sell your artworks but also build your reputation and skill set as a professional artist. Unlike other art galleries and art consultancies, Sunny Art Centre is also a place for artists and industry professionals to network and learn new skills. In fact, we encourage artists to take part in our public art events, teaching, and private and public commission opportunities. Recent artist commissions include a live public performance at Somerset House in collaboration with non-profit organisation The People Who Share.


Our marketing team works alongside expert designers to help you create a professional website. This includes taking professional photographs of your artworks, managing your social media channels and introducing you to new sales platforms. This includes the introduction of an evaluation system in order to market your work at best price. This is to help the artist with the branding and PR side of their profession.


At Sunny Art Centre we often host lectures alongside social and peer networking events which attract local art dealers and art lovers alike. Artists are invited to attend these events in order to network and expand their audience. Moreover, we will do the legwork when it comes to liaising with collectors and potential buyers.

Exhibiting and Commission Opportunities

Artists will have the opportunity to exhibit in several exhibitions, which we host every year. There are also opportunities for more established artists to exhibit their artwork internationally with one of our many partner galleries situated outside the U.K.

We also update artists about opportunities and competitions within and outside the U.K., alongside organising a group exhibition for the registered artists scheduled for each year.


Our professional tutors and curators are always on hand to guide you through any tough creative spots. Convincing people to invest in your art is very important, hence our art historians and marketing team can advise you on the best way to talk about your art in an engaging and attractive way.

Benefits / Reasons to Choose Us:

  • A hand in building and managing your website, from photos of your work to marketing solutions
  • Learn how to promote, market, and sell your artwork online with help from industry professionals
  • Lots of event and commission opportunities in the U.K and abroad
  • Experienced tutors on hand to help with your creative process
  • Access to events and networking opportunities to strengthen your ties with the art business world
  • Exhibit your work in our group shows and exhibitions organised with partner galleries
  • Central London location
  • 6-month trial period, annual contract thereafter



Our services explained:


Utilising our team of experienced marketing consultants, we improve the promotion of your artwork via both online and offline platforms. This includes articles and reviews of your work and exhibitions composed by our in-house writers which will be sent to art publications around the globe. Additionally, we will also feature you on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). For those opting for our Master plan, we will create an artist profile on our website to further establish you as an artist.

Website Design Services

Our experienced team of web developers will help you perfect your professional website. As an artist, your website is your main point of reference and how most people are going to see your brand. This is why we dedicate ourselves to creating a site that promotes your work. We take your artistic style and artworks into consideration to create a bespoke website that does what you want.

You have a wide variety of choice when it comes to your website, you could create a blog, online shop, or simply have the site as your portfolio. Whatever you choose, our specialised web designers will ensure that your website reflects your goal as an artist. On top of that, we also make sure your website looks its best across all browsers and provide mobile and tablet optimisation.

We work closely with Google analytics specialists to optimise your search engine results (SEO), which can increase your daily visitors.

For those wishing to sell their work through their website, we offer the optimal solution: we can create an online shop for you and integrate a chat function for you to connect directly with your clients.

The expertise of our curatorial team extends far beyond the gallery walls. In order to make your website as successful as possible, we will carefully select which works should appear where so as to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Social Media Management

Social media is an exponentially useful tool for artists and creatives. We can help you use these communication methods to your advantage by providing personalised advice and tips about post timings, social media strategy, and how to create a successful post on any platform.

Photography and Videography

We have a tight network of professional photographers and videographers who will be able to make your art look it's very best.


Our designers can create any promotional tool such as leaflets, postcards, or posters and distribute them throughout the city of London and at specialised art fairs and events.


We present you with the opportunity to show your work in the annual group and solo exhibitions in our central London gallery and potentially our sister galleries in Beijing, Macau, and Guangzhou. Your exhibition will last for one week between one to three times during the year depending on the plan you choose.

In the run-up to your exhibition, we actively prepare for this exciting time. Not only do we write a personalised press release, we also promote the event on our social media accounts and design posters and postcards for distribution. Invitations to a private viewing are sent out to guests of your choosing as well as industry professionals. Our curators and assistant curators have extensive art handling experience and will ensure that your artworks are displayed to showcase their aesthetic appeal. We can also offer a videography service for your exhibition which will provide professional photos and videos for you to display on your website and social media platforms. Once your work has sold we will also package and ship it to the client. We also assure you that your creations will be insured during its time with us.

Exclusive Access & Networking

Take advantage of our industry network and gain entry to events such as art fairs and invite-only private viewings, both in the UK and abroad. We will identify which projects would be best suited to you and your practice, and extend invitations to you for the purpose of networking and be expanding your clientele.

Artist Residency

Sunny Art Centre, in collaboration with our partners the FA Education of Art and Design, The Redtory Art & Design Factory and The Contemporary Chinese Ink Academy, has launched a series of new artist-in-residence programmes. This series of international artist residency programmes will provide artists with the opportunity to create work while living in both the FA Education of Art and Design residency centre and The Redtory Art & Design Factory (Guangzhou, Beijing or Macau). We aim to provide a creative space for artists to nurture their projects within a stimulating community, which will encourage your creativity to flow freely.

Consulting & Tutorials

To make sure your career is progressing in the right direction, we schedule regular meetings to assess your portfolio, artist documentation, and anything else you may like advice on. These can be held monthly, fortnightly, or weekly, and are developed so as to give you more confidence in your work and presentation.

As part of these consultancy meetings, we will arrange personalised tutorials to help you improve your Artist’s CV and Statement. For those whose first language is not English, we offer proofreading services which will help you present your brand in the English-speaking world. Additionally, we have Chinese translation and proofreading experts who can offer their services to assist with promotion in the East.

After over a decade in the art industry, our team know what makes a great CV and statement, so with our expertise, we will review your documents and suggest any possible improvements.


Price List





£3,860 £5,540 £17,580
Group exhibition Two group exhibitions Two group exhibitions, plus one solo exhibition
Basic website design Bespoke website design
Analytics reports
Mobile and tablet optimisationSEO
Fully personalised website with online shop and chat functions

Analytics reports

Mobile and tablet optimisation


Studio photography - 15hrs max.  Studio photography - 20hrs max. Studio and location photography - 35hrs max.
Monthly consultancy meetings Fortnightly consultancy meetings Weekly consultancy meetings
Design service: business cards, posters Design service: business cards, posters Design service: business cards, posters, and a bespoke logo
Monthly newletter Monthly newletter Monthly newsletter
Artist statement Artist statement Artist statement
Biography Biography Biography
Artist CV Artist CV Artist CV
Promotion at Art Fairs and Events Promotion at Art Fairs and Events Promotion at Art Fairs and Events
Online promotion: social media Online promotion: social media, published articles Online promotion: social media, published articles, gallery page
Invitations to external events Invitations to external events Invitations to external events
  Residency - fees are not included Residency - fees not included


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