Sunny Art Prize Exhibition 2017

(Limited places available. To reserve your place, please RSVP:

The Sunny Art Prize is a global initiative that lends artists the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience. Our committee of established judges has selected thirty varied artists who expertly use a wide range of media including ceramics, sculpture, painting, jewellery, photography and mixed media art. These artists are an example of the cultural diversity that endures in our increasingly homogenous world.


The Sunny Art Prize has emerged from a desire to explore how contemporary art is shaped by our hyper-connected, protean world. This curiosity extends to the way in which 21st-century art interacts with tradition. This year’s Sunny Art Prize will, therefore, showcase pieces of fine art that engage with past artistic tradition in contemporary terms.


Federico Odello
Gillian Hyland
Lynette K. Henderson
Jeongkeun Lee
Phillip Mckay
Saskia Boelsums
Shinae Kim
Peyton Sarah
Soohyeon Kim
Xiyang Tang
Stephen Wilson
Anastasia Kurakina
Michèle Sennesael
Scott Raynor
Maki Fujita
Nash Nikolic
Ikuko Iwamoto
Bryony Knox
Mal Levittoux
Phillipp Humm
Peter Lange
Jason Davies
Ziyun Zhang
Linda Schailon
Rachel McDonnell
Nina Baxter
Sooyoung Chung
Sara Willett
Otgonbayar Tsogt