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The Sunny Art Prize 2020 | London Exhibition opens on October 1st 2020 and will be on view until October 30th 2020. Expanding from the programme of previous editions, this year’s initiative sees the work of 48 shortlisted artists, instead of 30, being exhibited in London.

During the opening ceremony on October 1st (see details below for tickets), the top three entrants will be announced. Prizes for the top three winners include a cash award of £3,000 and a solo show at The Sunny Art Centre for First Prize, £2,000 for Second Prize, and £1,000 for Third Prize. All three winners will also win a one-month residency and a group show in China.

Every edition of the Sunny Art prizes tries to push the boundaries of both traditional and new media, allowing audiences world-wide to engage with issues of paramount importance to global societies through visual culture. With 2020 being the year that defined this decade, the extremely talented pool of international artists embraced the trail of examining sensitive and complex issues through their work.  The relevant matters include COVID-19, how the lockdown meant for different societies and how the resurgence of forward-looking movements such as Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter are achieving positive change. Artists have also commented on what 2020 meant for environmental change as the world braces for environmental catastrophes and the concerns of how world-wide conflicts are exacerbating fragile social systems and their related impact on identity in at the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

This year proved a difficult one for the arts and cultural enterprise, with coronavirus causing an economic contraction for the industry which almost caused its collapse, especially considering the initial neglect to support for artists and creatives from governmental budgets for the crisis. This first London group exhibition of this year’s edition of the prize is thus also meant to showcase the importance of the arts and artists to society, with particular emphasis on their value in terms of their educational, economic, and social wellbeing contributions.

Visit the Shortlisted Artists page to check out the work of Ana Schmidt / Azita Moradkhani / Antonios Fikos / Beichen Zhang  / Colin Roberts / Catherine Hyland / David Hedley Noble / Diana Savostaite / Emanuela I. Harris Sintamarian / Elisa Bertaglia / Frances Gynn / Gabriele Grones / Gyonyoung Yoon / Glib Mukha / Gavin Watson / Hang Gao / Into Niilo / Julie Stephenson  / Julian Reisinger / Keane Tan / Kong Ho / Lisyanet Rodriguez / Rich Jellyman / Robert Winstanley / Richard Kenton Webb / Roberto Beragnoli / Ming Lu / Mariia Filatova  / Martha Zmpounou / Mgdalena Kielak / Marie Lenclos / Najaah Mclaren  / Nina Pancheva  / Pawel Sadaj / Parastoo Ahoon / Svetlana Ochkovskaya  / Serhii Korabelnikov / Sam Rachamin / Shaun Haugen / Silvia Rocchino / Sofia Mangini / Tijana Petrovic / Tommy Ramsay / Vinciane Roduit / Wiktor Kuta  / Zena Assi / Zoe Beaudry / Zofia Blazko 




The complete catalogue with all the participating artists of the edition IV of the Sunny Art Prize. Order now and get the catalogue for the edition III for free!

Note: Due to stock shipment delays related to COVID-19, the catalogues will be available from mid-October. Only pre-orders are allowed. Orders will be shipped automatically from mid-October.

The Sunny Art Prize provides a unique opportunity for pioneering artists of the 21st century to raise awareness on current world affairs through our printed publication. The exhibition catalogue immortalises work of creative talent from all over the world. Each shortlisted artist and their work are rigorously selected by a panel of world-leading art historians, art museums, and gallery professionals to provide the public with the finest artists the world has to offer. All catalogues of the Prize are also collected by prestigious libraries such as at Oxford University, UAL and the Slade School of Art for new generations of artists to study.

The diversity of the shortlisted artists guarantees innovation and fresh approaches to contemporary art practices from 3D work, ceramics, and installations to paintings, sculpture, and video art. This catalogue is an excellent opportunity to explore some of the most thought-provoking issues of contemporary life ranging from COVID-19, climate change and mental health to social movements such as Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter. 

Order now and receive a complimentary tote bag in fine black cotton with gold embossing from us (bag size 38 x 30cm).

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 21x21cm

£35.00 £19.00 (ex. VAT)


The opening ceremony of the London exhibition of the Sunny Art Prize 2020 will be held on October 1st 2020 between 15-18.30pm.

To guarantee the safety of visitors, we can only allow a limited number of 6 visitors inside the premises at once. To do so, we organised:

  • 7 time-slots (30 minutes each with max 6 people allowed per slot) available between 15-18:30 pm (last admission 18 pm) on October 1st that you can book to avoid queuing.

The tickets will give you access to the opening ceremony. When reserving your ticket, you can also reserve a copy of the limited edition exhibition catalogue.  The catalogue comes with a fine cotton tote bag, a leather case, and a fine notebook. (Note: Due to stock delays related to COVID-19, the catalogues will be available from mid to late October, these will be shipped automatically to the ticket holder as soon as they will be back in stock).

Dress Code: Smart (Please note that this is a strict requirement, entrance may be denied for not respecting the dress code).

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