Terms and Conditions

This page contains the T&Cs that regulate our main services meaning our 1. Art Courses; 2. the Sunny Art Prize; 3. the Online Art Courses; and 4. Tickets and Events.

Please check the relevant sections of the service/product related to your potential or past purchase.



  1. General T&Cs (and Cancellation Policy)
  2. Refunds and Expiry Dates
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Art Materials: Refunds and Fees
  5. Other T&Cs
  6. Safeguarding Policy
  7. Privacy Policy 


       - Outline

  1. Who Can Submit?
  2. What Can be Submitted?
  3. Submission and Price
  4. What Photograph are Accepted When Submitting an Entry?
  5. Selection Process and Final Judging
  6. Sale
  7. Delivery
  8. The Residency
  9. Money Prize
  10. Intellectual Property Rights
  11. Liability
  12. Access to Online Website
  13. Modification of Terms and Conditions
  14. Privacy Policy


       - Outline

  1. Terms of Use
    • Enrolment and Use
    • Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • Access
  2. Payments
    • Fees
    • Fee Collection
    • Refunds
    • Credits and Payments Not Eligible for Refunds
    • Refunds and Credits – Third Party Marketplaces
  3. Art Materials
    • Art Materials Purchases
    • Art Materials – Content’s Safety
    • Art Materials – Refunds and Returns
  4. User Generated Content
    • Nature of Content
    • Abusive Content
    • Copyright for User Generated Content
  1. Applicable Law and Enforcement of Terms
  2. Access to Online Art Courses
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Gender Neutral and Pronouns 


  1. General T&Cs of Purchase
  2. Refunds and Cancellations
  3. Privacy Policy


Art Courses

1. General T&Cs and Cancellation Policy

  1. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for cancellations and rescheduling. We do not accept cancellations or rescheduling after this time, and there are no exceptions. If you cannot make it to your class, you can give it to someone else (friends or family), or the lesson will be charged to your account. We cannot reschedule via phone or email.
  2. To cancel or reschedule a class, you will need to login to your account via our online platform, where you can amend your booking. We cannot reschedule via phone or email.
  3. If your credits have expired, you can purchase a 1-month extension for £30. Alternatively, when you purchase a new package, the old credits in the previous pack (including the expired ones) will be moved to the new package (the expiry date of the new package will apply). You can also share a package of lessons with friends and family. In order to do this, one lesson from your package will be deducted for every person attending a lesson. This applies to all packages of lessons available (including one to one lessons and short courses).
  4. If you have purchased a package of lessons with us but still have not completed the online enrolment by creating an account on our website, you are still eligible to request a refund within 14 days, but a 15% administrative fee will be charged. After 14 days, you will NOT be able to request a refund.
  5. After completing an online enrolment, the lessons will be registered on your account and you will not be able to request a refund.

    2.Refunds and Expiry Dates

    1. Refunds for lessons that expired and were not used within their expiry date cannot be issued.
    2. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure that tuitions, deposits and other fees are paid when due.
    3. You will not be able to replace or substitute your package of classes with same-value products.
    4. After completing an online enrolment, the lessons will be registered and you will not be able to request a refund.
    5. If you have purchased a package of lessons with us but still have not completed the online enrolment by creating an account on our website, you are still eligible to request a refund within 14 days, but a 15% administrative fee will be charged. After 14 days, you will NOT be able to request a refund.
    6. In case of a student withdrawing from one of the courses for any reason at any time, the tuition fee will not be refundable.
    7. All the lessons you purchased must be used before they expire. Your booking will not be accepted once they are expired, and there is no exception.
    8. Students are required to bring their own materials that they would like to use during classes. Alternatively, we have materials available for sale at the studio.
    9. The Student accepts that, if in case of debt to the Centre for any reason, including without limit non-payment of any Fees (in whole or part), the Centre may (at its discretion) take one or more of the following actions:
      10.1 Forthwith on notice suspend and/or exclude  the student from the course; 10.2 Withhold assessment results or awards/certificates;
      10.3 Refuse to register the Student for any applicable award and/or refuse to register the Student for any future Course examination.
      10.4 Undertake appropriate recovery and/or legal action for recovery of such fees and the student will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by the Centre and/or by a third party acting on behalf of the Centre in such action including without limit:
      10.4.1 The reasonable legal costs and expenses;
      10.4.2 The administration costs and expenses;
      10.4.3 The collection costs incurred by the Centre and/or a third party collection agency.
    10. For eligible refunds, the original transaction receipt must be presented in order to process the refund. This applies for both online and in-store purchases that are eligible for a refund. A 15% administrative fee is applied to all eligible refunds.
      3.Health and Safety

      1. The art school staff and students should be aware of the hazards of materials used in workshops and should follow all material manufacturer's instructions for use. These instructions should include the required personal protective equipment along with the guidelines for storage and the procedures for safe use.
      2. Health and safety precautions should be posted and reviewed with students prior to any activity.
      3. There will be no asbestos-containing materials, lead-based glazes, and benzene in our workshops.
      4. All spray painting must be done outdoors or with an approved operational exhaust system ensuring to be away from any flammable materials and sources.
      5. Aisles should be kept clear at all times to ensure prompt evacuation in the event of an emergency.
      6. Keep storage of paper goods to a minimum to reduce the potential events of fire and use, store and the dispose chemicals according to the manufacturers' instructions.
      7. Knives and other sharp instruments should be maintained, handled, and stored safely. Allow adequate distance between individuals to prevent accidents while used during workshops and lessons.
      8. The use of electrical appliances/tools to heat, mix, spray, burn, etch, etc. should be executed in accordance with the manufacturers' safety instructions. Maintain safe distances between individuals to prevent accidents.
      9. All electrical appliances/ tools should be turned off when not in use. If appliances/ tools had been heated during use, allow them to cool down in a safe place before storage.4. Art Materials - Refunds and Fees
        1. Art Materials bought via our online website are not refundable once purchased.
        2. Exchange of unused Art Materials that were bought online will be considered only for Art Materials of the same value (if you wish to exchange it for a more expensive item, you can pay only the difference between the two); cashback or partial refunds for exchanges of Art Materials with more economic bundles or materials will not be accepted/considered/processed.
        3. Art materials purchased in the Centre are not refundable is used or if they have been opened.5. Other General Conditions
        1. By Accepting this agreement, you enter into a legally binding contract, therefore every clause of it must be fully respected.
        2. By signing this agreement, you declare that you currently hold the right to live and study in the UK or that you hold a Visa that will grant you such rights.
        3. By signing this agreement, you declare that you do not hold any criminal record or offence.
        4. We will use reasonable endeavours to carry out any building or maintenance works within the Centre at times likely to minimise disturbance to you but this may not always be possible and we do have the right to carry out any building works in order to improve facilities and the conditions of the space.

        6. Sunny Art Centre: Safeguarding Policy

        The following document outlines The Sunny Art Centre’s approach to safeguarding. The Sunny Art Centre’s safeguarding policy and procedures are designed to protect the security, privacy and dignity of the children and young people who choose to attend lessons at the Sunny Art Centre. The Sunny Art Centre is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment. The policy is also intended to protect teachers, fellow students, and gallery visitors, as well as the gallery itself.

        The Sunny Art Centre prides itself on fostering an environment in which cultural exchange can flourish. We are therefore committed to affording the same high standards of protection and service to all students, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. The practical nature of our teaching approach allows for easy communication, and our international team of staff are committed to assisting in the clear communication of ideas expressed. The limited size of our group lessons ensures that the welfare of each student is closely monitored.

        The Sunny Art Centre believes that a child or young person should never experience abuse of any kind. We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people and to keep them safe. We are committed to practice in a way that protects them.

        This policy should be considered alongside our code of conduct for staff.

        The purpose of this policy:

        • To protect children and young people who receive The Sunny Art Centre’s services.
        • To provide staff with the overarching principles that guide our approach to safeguarding and child protection.

        Legal Framework:

        This policy has been drawn up on the basis of law and guidance that seeks to protect children, namely:

        • Children Act 1989
        • United Convention of the Rights of the Child 1991
        • Data Protection Act 1998
        • Human Rights Act 1998
        • Sexual Offences Act 2003
        • Children Act 2004
        • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
        • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
        • Children and Families Act 2014
        • Special education needs and disability (SEND) code of practice: 0 to 25 years- Statutory guidance for organisations which work with and support children and young people who have special needs or disabilities; HM Government 2014
        • Information sharing: Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding service to children, young people, parents and carers; HM Government 2015
        • Working together to safeguard children: a guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; HM Government 2015

        We recognise that:

        • The welfare of the child is paramount, as enshrined by the Children Act of 1989
        • All children regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.
        • Some children are additionally vulnerable because of the impact of previous experiences, their level of dependancy, communication needs or other issues.
        • Working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare. 

        We will seek to keep children and young people safe by:

        • Valuing them, listening to them and respecting them.
        • Adopting child protection and safeguarding practices through procedures and a code of conduct for staff
        • Providing effective management for staff through support, training and quality assurance measures.
        • Recruiting all staff safely, ensuring that all necessary checks are made.
        • Recording and storing all information professionally and securely, and sharing information about safeguarding with children, their families and staff.
        • Using our safeguarding procedures to share concerns and relevant information with agencies who need to know, and involving children, young people, parents, families and carers appropriately.
        • Using our procedures to manage any allegations against staff and volunteers appropriately
        • Ensuring that we have effective complaints and whistleblowing measures in place.
        • Ensuring that we provide a safe physical environment for our children, young people and staff by applying health and safely measures in accordance with the law and regulatory guidance.

        For privacy policy, data protection, and use of information about minors of 16 years old please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

        7. Privacy Policy
        To learn more about how we treat your data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


Art Prize

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they will provide you with more information about the competition as well as how to submit, what is accepted, and what the terms of participation are for both applicants and shortlisted artists.



These Terms and Conditions (the “T&Cs”) will apply to any artwork(s) (the “Entry(ies)”) that you will submit for the Sunny Art Prize (the “Competition”) to Sunny Art Centre (the “Gallery”) and to your participation in any event organised to support your career, including during any exhibition (the “Exhibition”) and residency programme (the “Residency”).

The Gallery is located in London at 30 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8HR (registered office), and is a limited company registered in England and Wales (company number 08234204) with VAT no. 231072552

The first Exhibition will take place at the Gallery’s location while any subsequent exhibition will take place at our partner’s gallery(ies) (the “Partners”) in China (Please refer to our “Galleries” section on our website for more information).

“You” and “Your” is hereby intending to refer to the person submitting the Entries for the competition, including any agent, gallery or representative of the person owning the Entries. “You” might be referred to as “Artist” in certain sections.

All correspondence with artists will be via email unless specifically requested otherwise. If You require more information or have any question regarding the Competition, You can contact the Gallery at the following email address: artprize@sunnyartcentre.co.uk

    1. Who Can Submit?

    1.1. The Competition is open to all Artists regardless of their location in the world.

    1.2. You must be at least 18 years old in order to enter the Competition.

    1.3. You must be the creator of the Entries and you must have the right to submit them for the Competition. If someone else is submitting on your behalf (e.g. an agent or a gallery), they must have the right and authorisation from you to do so.

    1. What Can Be Submitted?

    2.1 You can submit Entries that fall under the categories of sculpture, painting, drawing, original print, photography, ceramic, mixed media, installation, video art and/or moving image, digital art (including physical work which is computer generated, e.g. digital prints). This is regardless of the medium of the Entry. If You submit Entries but are unsure if the medium is accepted for review, if it falls under one of the categories above, Your Entry will be accepted for review.

    2.2 The Entry must be 120 x 120 cm maximum if two-dimensional (including frame where applicable and projected images, video, and digital art installations). If Your Entry is three-dimensional, its size must be 80 x 80 x 80 cm maximum.

    2.2.1 Two-dimensional work must be framed.

    2.3. You will not be able to change Your Entries once you have finally submitted your application for the Competition. Your submission is final.

    2.4. You can submit a maximum of four Entries.

    2.5. All Entries must be original work that has been made within three years from the date of the submission deadline (please refer to the Gallery’s “important dates” page for more information).

    2.6. You must ensure that the Entries You submit for the Competition will conform to all applicable health and safety standards and regulations. You agree to indemnify the Gallery for any potential cost, damage, loss, or expense which may result or arises from a breach of such standards and regulations.

    2.6.2. Therefore, You must ensure that Your Entries are in conditions to withstand handling and display during the Exhibitions.

    1. Submission and Price

    3.1. The Fee to submit Your Entries (the “Fee”) for the Competition vary depending on whether You wish to Submit one, two, three, or four Entries. Submission fees can be found on the “Submit Your Artwork” page and are exclusive of VAT.

    3.2. You can submit Your Entries for the Competition online, using the Gallery’s Online Submission portal (available in the “Submit Your Artwork” section on the Gallery’s website). The form also contains information on how to pay the Fee without using the Online Submission Portal.

    3.3. Alternatively, You can submit your Entries using the application form to be submitted by email and available in the “Submit Your Artwork” page. This must be emailed to artprize@sunnyartcentre.co.uk and no printed copies will be accepted for review.

    3.4. The Fee is non-refundable. You will not be refunded the Fee if you later decide to withdraw your application for the Competition.

    3.5. the Gallery does not store or retain information about Your Payment details regardless of the payment method.

    3.6. Entries submitted without paying the Fee will not be accepted or considered for the Competition.

    1. What Photographs Are Accepted When Submitting an Entry

    4.1 It is now a requirement that You upload an image of the work when registering for the Competition online or if using the form.

    4.2 It is compulsory that You upload one image of the entire work (including all the parts of a diptych or triptych). Please note that the first round of judging is completed digitally. It is therefore important that the photographs uploaded are of a high quality and as clear as possible.

    4.3. Photographs must be 2M in size maximum and must be Jpegs. No other format will be accepted.

    1. Selection Process and Final Judging

    5.1. The Gallery will shortlist 30 (thirty) artists to exhibit at the Gallery’s location in London. Your submission must be completed in its entirety entering all the required information in the Online Application Form or offline submission form. Failure to do so will mean that Your Entries will not be admitted and will be withdrawn from the selection process.

    5.2. You will not receive a refund for submitting Your Entries if You are not shortlisted.

    5.3. The Gallery may shortlist fewer Entries than the number submitted during the application process.

    5.4. From the selection of 30 artists, the Gallery will shortlist 10 artists that will exhibit Entries in the Partners’ galleries. Three of these 10 shortlisted artists will be elected as the first three winners (Final Judging).

    5.4.1 The Gallery will shortlist the 10 artists (as well as the first three winners) prior to the beginning of the first Exhibition in London.

    5.4.2 The Gallery may listen to the public opinion with regards to the selection of the first three winners through social media user-generated content. If you are shortlisted we may create a hashtag associated with the Competition for user-generated-content. The final decision (with regards to the shortlisting of the first three winners) rests solely on the Gallery who shall remain impartial regardless of media popularity and response towards artists. The purpose of user-generated-content is for a larger reception of Your shortlisted  Entries and to allow You to engage further with audiences who may not be able to physically visit the Exhibition.

    5.5. The Gallery may accept or decline any Entry submitted for this competition at any time and at its own discretion. The Gallery’s decision is final.

    5.5.1 The Gallery reserves the right to withdraw admission to the Competition, at any time, if any for any reason the Entries, or any circumstances surrounding the display of such Entries, expose or appear to expose the Gallery to potential or actual damage to its reputation, risk of legal proceeding or enforcement including, without limitation, the alleged breach of third party intellectual property rights.

    5.5. A breakdown of all important dates about announcements and judging rounds is available on the Gallery’s website on the dedicated “important dates” section. All curatorial matters of display and arrangements of the Entries are at the full discretion of the Gallery.

    1. Sale 

    6.1. All work submitted must be available for sale.

    6.2. The Artist's Prices (the “Artist Price”), which You will have to specify during the application process, are the final prices which will be paid to You in case of a sale of an Entry and they should be carefully considered.

    6.3. Entries that are not for sale cannot be entered into this Competition. If Your Entry has been shortlisted or selected for the exhibition, it will be offered for sale for a period of time until the end of the Exhibition(s) and through different channels including the Gallery’s website and on-site.

    6.3.1. You accept that all work submitted will be available for sale in the exhibition(s) and on the Gallery’s website until the end of the Competition and Exhibition(s) when You will be required to collect the Entries.

    6.4. The sale of an Entry during the period of the Exhibition(s) will be subject to a 30% commission (the “Commission”) from the final retail price (charged on VAT exclusive price) to the Gallery. The gallery will add the Commission on the Artist’s Price provided by You during the application process.

    6.4.1. If you are VAT registered, you must include any tax required in the Artist’s Price when submitting Your Entries.

    6.4.2 The Gallery will pay You within 30 working days following the sale of an artwork and all arrangements for this shall be made in writing.

    6.4.3 The Gallery shall not be liable, under any circumstances for any tax You may be due to pay following the sale of an Entry either to the government of the United Kingdom or any other country from which the sold Entries have been invoiced.

  1. Delivery (Including collection) & Insurance

7.1. Entries must be delivered to the Gallery only if they have been shortlisted in the first round of selection. We will notify You about dates for when the Entries shall be delivered and will authorise you with instructions to do so.

7.2. Entries must be unpacked before they are handed over to the Gallery’s team, especially if delicate and fragile.

7.2.1 We accept deliveries from the majority of third-party commercial couriers. Please note that the Entries must be packed adequately.

7.3. The Gallery cannot organise transportation and any expense associated with transportation will not be borne by the Gallery. This applies to all deliveries including those to and/or from any of the Partners’ galleries as well as to and from the Gallery.

7.4. The Gallery will not be liable for any loss or damage to any Entries physically transported at any point during the Competition, caused either in transit to and from the Exhibition(s), or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking.

7.5. The Gallery will be unable to store any packing material, this includes, but is not limited to crates.

7.6. You are not required to deliver plinths, display items or similar items. The Gallery will arrange the exhibits according to the decisions of its own curatorial team and using its own display items.

7.7. The Gallery will not provide insurance cover during the entire period of the competition (including during Exhibitions) and cannot be liable for any loss or damage to the Entries.

7.7.1 If loss or damage arises or is the direct result of the Gallery’s negligence or mishandling of the work, only while in the premises of the Gallery or Partners’ galleries, sufficient insurance cover will be provided and shall not exceed: The Artist’s Price as submitted during the application process which shall exclude any delivery or packaging costs. The amount established by an independent, expert evaluator appointed by the Gallery in case of a dispute over the value of the work which shall exclude any delivery or packaging costs.

7.8. Before the end of the Exhibition(s), You will be informed about when the Entries must be collected. The Gallery will email You a Collection Form which You must Sign and provide to the Gallery (either by post or email using a scanned version).

7.9. If You cannot collect the Entries within the date established by the Gallery, You will be charged a daily £5 to cover third parties’ storage facilities. Your work will not be released until storage fees for late collections are settled.

7.10. If after 90 days from the date established by the Gallery for the Collection of the Entries, You have not collected your them, the Gallery reserves the right to sell them or destroy/dispose of them at any time.

7.11. If you are delivering framed two-dimensional artworks, You must ensure that the corners are protected with soft padding to avoid damage.

7.11.1 Please do not install D-rings, protrusions, or hanging fixtures as they may damage the Entries during transport. You can tape them on the back of the frame and they will be installed by the Gallery’s team.

  1. The Residency

8.1. The first three winners shall be awarded with the opportunity to engage in a residency programme. The location of this changes every year (please visit the “International Artists Residency Programme Page” for more information). The length of the Residency is of 1 month.

8.2. You shall be liable for any travel arrangements to and from the location of the residency. This is usually organised at least 3 months from the date of its beginning. The Gallery may arrange a suitable date for the residency with You in order to accommodate potential specific needs and availability.

8.3. The Gallery shall cover all accommodation costs for the Residency and for the facilities provided during the period of the Residency.

  1. Money Prize

9.1. The first winner shall receive a prize money of £3,000.

9.2. The second winner shall receive a prize money of £2,000

9.3. The third winner shall receive a prize money of £1,000

9.4. The Prize money shall be awarded in instalments over a period no longer than 12 months.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1. You must be the owner of the Entries and must confirm that the pieces submitted are of Your own origination. You must hold all moral and intellectual property rights for all the Entries submitted for the Competition. If the work is not of Your own origination, You must present the Gallery with the authorisation to exhibit the Entries on behalf of the owner of the intellectual property rights.

10.2. By submitting Your Entries for this Competition, you agree that the Gallery or any other third party permitted by the gallery can:

10.2.1. Copy or reproduce the Entry(ies) by taking images, shots or videos of parts or of the whole Entry(ies) for archival, marketing, promotional, and educational use.

10.2.2. Use of material as in 10.2.1 includes, but is not limited to, the right to be broadcasted and/or reproduced on the Gallery’s (or Partners’) website, catalogues, exhibition posters, prints, and marketing material (both printed and digital).

10.3. Consent with regards to clause 10.1. and 10.2. is irrevocable and shall be withstanding in perpetuity and on world-wide basis, including after the period of the competition.

10.4. Please note that members of the public may take photographs of Your Entries. This will be allowed by the Gallery only if taken for personal, educational, and non-commercial use. The Gallery shall not be liable if images are content is used otherwise by the public.

  1. Liability

11.1. The Gallery and/or their agents undertake no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of or any damage to artworks entrusted to them. Whether this is an arising from a fire, default, error, neglect, theft by carriers, packers or other persons and whether in their own employment or not. All goods are at the artist owner’s risk and the Gallery and/or their agents exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. You are recommended to cover your work with insurance at all times.

11.2. The Gallery shall not be liable to You for any loss of business, profits, damage to reputation, or loss/damage of whatever nature occurring or arising out of or in connection with the Competition.

11.3. Subject to clause 7.7.1., the Gallery shall not be liable for any damage or loss to Entries (including frames) through the ordinary course of handling the Entries.

11.4 The Gallery shall not be liable for the value of Your entries as stated in Your application form.

  1. Access to Online Website

12.1 The Gallery’s website usually operates in a 24 hours a day service. The Gallery shall not be liable if the website is unavailable in part or whole at any time (including 48 hours prior to the submission deadline). Access to the website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance, repair, or for reasons beyond the Gallery’s control.

  1. Modification of Terms and Conditions

13.1. Sunny Art Centre may amend the terms and conditions of the Art Prize (for both submitting the artworks and participating in the competition for shortlisted and winning artists) at any time by reasonable notice, including without limitation by posting revised terms on its website at the URL www.sunnyartcentre.co.uk/artprize/rules/ , which amended terms and conditions shall be binding upon you.

13.2. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law. Therefore, any dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

13.3. These rules are binding upon You from the moment You will submit Your Entries.

  1. Privacy Policy

To learn more about how we treat your data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


Online Art Courses



  1. Terms of Use
    • Enrolment and Use
    • Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • Access
  2. Payments
    • Fees
    • Fee Collection
    • Refunds
    • Credits and Payments Not Eligible for Refunds
    • Refunds and Credits – Third Party Marketplaces
  3. Art Materials
    • Art Materials Purchases
    • Art Materials – Content’s Safety
    • Art Materials – Refunds and Returns
  4. User Generated Content
    • Nature of Content
    • Abusive Content
    • Copyright for User Generated Content
  1. Applicable Law and Enforcement of Terms 
  2. Access to Online Art Courses 
  3. Privacy Policy
  1. Gender Neutral and Pronouns 


These Terms and Conditions (the “T&Cs”) will apply to services provided online which include online courses and educational tutorials (the “Online Art Courses”) which are provided to enrolled customers (“You”) by Sunny Art Centre (also referred to here as “We”, “Us”, and “our”) on their Online Art Courses website section of https://sunnyartcentre.co.uk (the “Website”).

Sunny Art Centre is located in London at 30 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8HR (registered office), and is a limited company registered in England and Wales (company number 08234204) with VAT no. 231072552

Online Art Courses may be provided to You in downloadable formats for multiple devices, including, but not limited to, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets, or/and as streaming activities online via our Website. Regardless of their format, any update to the policy of use below will apply to both downloadable and streaming services.

Changes, updates, and/or modifications to this policy will have immediate effect from the moment they are published on the relevant section of this policy page. We will endeavour to notify You about any changes to this policy as soon as it is updated or earlier.

Information about our privacy policy can be found by visiting our Privacy Policy page.

  1. Terms of Use
  • Enrolment and Use

You need to sign up online in order to create an online account and access our Online Art Courses. You must be 16 yours old to create an account. If You are under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian may create an account for You. In order to create an account, You will need to enter details including:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • DOB (Date of Birth – to verify that You are an over 16)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Your username to log in will always be your email address. You can change your email by logging in to your online account. Do not share your details with anyone. We will never ask for your login password and, if You need assistance logging in, contact our support team by emailing info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk

Once You have signed up for an account, You will be able to enrol and access our Online Art Courses from there by paying the tuition fee for the course You want to access.

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property

Payment of our Online Art Courses provides access to one person (You) to the content of the respective paid course. You must not share the content of our Online Art Course with anyone else.

This website and all content published there including graphics, user interface, audio-clips, videoclips, editorial content used to implement the Online Art Courses is owned by Sunny Art Centre and is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents, and in any form, on our website is prohibited. You agree that usage of content on our website is for personal, education and non-commercial. You must not modify, sell, loan, rent, or re-distribute the content found on our website (or published on partnering third party marketplaces), unless authorised by Us through written and formal consent.

We retain the right to publish our content on third party marketplaces and websites. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents published on these platforms in any form is also prohibited. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content also published on third party platforms.

Our copyright and intellectual property policy follows the standards of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), protecting our rights and ownership of copyrighted content and intellectual property that comprise our Online Art Courses.

  • Access

We provide unlimited, lifetime access to most content that is part of our Online Art Courses upon payment of the respective fees (see section 2. Payment). Certain exceptions to access may apply:

  • We may publish add-on or special content with limited availability on our website or on third party marketplaces.
  • We may withdraw content due to legal disputes with regards to some of the content found on our Online Art Courses
  • We may withdraw content from certain locations due to legal restrictions with regards to online streaming services and platform availabilities.
  • Course Content – Safety

By enrolling in one of our Online Art Courses You may encounter content that You may deem as offensive or sensible, including, but not limited to, nudity in life drawing and painting classes and cast objects of anatomical parts. We have no responsibility to keep such content from You and no liability for your access to such content or enrolment in any course which may include this type of content, to the extent permissible under applicable law.

Our Content may also be published on partnering websites and third party marketplaces. We are not responsible for the type of information third party websites may change about our courses and their content. You agree to follow their terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy for the treatment of your data for your own safety and protection.

  1. Payments
  • Fees

In Order to access our Online Art Courses, You will need to pay the tuition fee and relevant taxes beforehand and in full. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are in GBP. Fees may vary across different locations due to logistics out of our control. We therefore retain the right to adjust fees across different locations at our discretion.

*Prices for the same Online Art Courses may also differ across different devices (including but not limited to mobiles, desktop, and TV application services) due to third party pricing policies and systems which may affect the original price of our services. This variance may also apply to discounted and sales prices.

If your payment method fails, We are entitled to collect payment for services You may have used through other mechanisms. If your payment method fails and You still get access to our Online Art Courses, You agree to pay the due fee within fourteen (14) days of notification from Us. You must not use invalid or unauthorised payment method to pay the tuition fee.

For more details about refunds and credits, please refer to the relevant Refund section of this policy.

  • Fee collection

We use third party payment providers to collect payments. You can pay tuition fees using debit or credit cards (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, JCB, and Discover). Worldpay, PayPal, and Union Pay third party payment gateways are used to securely process card transactions for our Online Art Courses and accept most payment methods.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for more details about the data required to process your payment.

  • Refunds

We strive to provide the best fine art online courses possible. Yet, if You feel that an Online Art Course is not for You, You can request a refund within 14 days from the date of your purchase. In order to request a refund if must:

  1. Send an email to info@sunnyartcentre.co.uk with ‘Refund Request’ as subject.
  2. Quote your order # which You can find in the email confirmation that You received when your original payment was confirmed.

Please note that We cannot provide partial refunds.

  • Credits and Payments Not Eligible for Refunds

You will not be able to request a refund after 14 days from the date of purchase of your Online Art Course. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to deny refunds if We determine that You may be abusing the Refund  or Credits policy.

We may at our discretion decide to provide credits which will be added on your account instead of refunds for certain refund requests depending on which system You may have used to process the payment (e.g. mobile app, desktop web browser, TV application, tablets, etc.). You cannot request credits after 14 days from the date of your original purchase.

You can use credits to purchase other Online Art Courses or Art Materials packs arranged for our Online Art Courses. You cannot use these credits to purchase art materials in our regular Art Materials Shop.

  • Refunds and Credits – Third Party Marketplaces

We may publish our Online Art Courses on third party platforms and marketplaces which may have different refund and credit policies.

  • Refunds for courses purchased on third party marketplaces other than https://sunnyartcentre.co.uk are not eligible for refunds. Third party marketplaces have separate Refund policies in place. Please refer to the respective third party website’s terms and conditions to learn more about how You can get a refund.
  • Purchases made via mobile iOS systems are processed by Apple App Store. You therefore have to contact Apple’s support team to learn more about how they can process a refund for You. You can also find out more about Apple’s refund policy and eligibility on their Refund Policy Page.
  1. Art Materials

3.1. Art Materials Purchases

Some of our Online Art Courses may provide You with the option to purchase set packages of art materials (the “Art Materials”) which are recommended to successfully complete your training during the course.

Art Materials are optional and You are not obliged to purchase them in order to access the Online Art Course You wish to join. You can purchase your own art materials through separate marketplaces and vendors that are not affiliated with Sunny Art Centre if You wish to do so.

3.2. Art Materials – Content’s Safety

Our Art Materials comprise a selection of tools and equipment which are produced by different third party art material companies. We assembled the available selection of packs with materials in order to simplify your shopping experience by finding all the necessary equipment in one purchase.

We always strive to assemble packages of Art Materials which include tools and equipment of the highest quality and safety as possible. As the content our Art Material packs is not produced directly by Us, Health and Safety policies on the respective manufacturers’ websites should be consulted for the latest information about how to safely use and store the Art Materials.

We decline any responsibility for any damage caused by not following the appropriate instructions on the manufacturers’ websites. Please consult the manufacturer’s website for more details about specific Health & Safety policies for specific products included in an Art Materials pack. You therefore acknowledge the risks and danger inherent in not following the manufacturers’ Health and Safety Policy and agree to assume such risks voluntarily, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, intoxication, illness, death, permanent and temporary disability.

The content of our Online Art Courses may include demonstrative instructions on how to use the materials included. Instructions on how to use Art Materials included in our Online Art Courses is for demonstrative purposes to guide the students through technical skills which are included in the syllabus as part of the programme of the respective courses. They are not to be considered as Health & Safety instructions on behalf of the manufacturer.

3.3.Art Materials – Refunds and Returns

We can offer refunds for Art Materials that were delivered to You and were not opened within 14 days from the date of your order. Unused Art Materials cannot be returned and refunded after the 14 days window period from the date of your purchase. You can send the unopened pack to:

FAO: Returns Team

Sunny Art Centre
30 Gray’s Inn Road

Due to the nature of our Art Materials packs, being assembled with products by multiple brands, We are unable to offer refunds for products that were shipped to You following a purchase and were subsequently opened.

We are also unable to offer refunds for unopened Art Materials packs that were delivered outside of the United Kingdom.

  1. User Generated Content

4.1.Nature of Content

Some of our Online Art Courses allow enrolled students to create and submit content for review. Our art tutors and staff may organise Questions & Answers sessions, feedback submission sessions, and other supportive systems which can help students with their progression in a course. Students will be able to submit to Us information including, but not limited to:

  • Questions, in written form, about course content aimed directly at tutors.
  • Visual material, such as practical exercises carried out by students during the course which require feedback from our tutors.

This agreement shall consider as user generated content any written or visual material that You may submit to Us using our website or submission platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, visual exercises carried out under the instructions of our teachers in our Online Art Courses, questions submitted using our Questions & Answers system, feedback and reviews about our Online Art Courses (the “User Generated Content”).

4.1.1. Content’s Safety

By offering You the possibility to communicate directly with our staff, You are directly in control of the information You are submitting to Us. Please ensure that You never submit sensible information about yourself, including personal address, phone number, password, email address, payment details, and other personal information.

4.2.Abusive Content

We allow enrolled students to use these services following laws that dictate good practice with regards to online behaviour (As our Online Art Courses may be available in multiple locations, We advise students to refer to their national and local laws for references to online behaviour). Nonetheless, some practices will not be tolerated regardless of whether laws allow and/or consent them. These include but are not limited to:

  • Submission of abusive, unlawful, inappropriate and objectionable written or visual content aimed directly at one of our staff with the purpose of harassing, humiliating, or disrupting the work of one of our staff.
  • Our tutors may assign tasks and exercises to train your skills during our Online Art Courses and allow You to submit it using our systems for feedback about your progress. We do not allow submissions of content that is not yours, meaning that was not originally created or made only by yourself.
  • Submission of content that violates copyrighted content.

If You are using our systems and Online Art Courses unlawfully and/or inappropriately, We retain the right, at our own discretion, to terminate your account at any time. If your account is terminated due to violation of this policy, You will not be entitled to a refund. You will not be able to access your purchased content from the moment your account is terminated.

4.3.Copyright for User Generated Content

If You publish, submit, or share content with Us and that You did while enrolled in one of our Online Art Courses, You retain ownership of the intellectual property of such content. At the same time, You grant Us the right to re-use, publish, edit, and submit this content without restrictions and at our discretion on any platform and website, through any means deemed appropriate by Us.

Subject to this agreement You grant Us a worldwide, royalty-free non-exclusive license, in perpetuity, to:

4.3.1. Copy or reproduce User Generated Content for archival, marketing, promotional, and educational use. Use of material as in 4.3.1 includes, but is not limited to, the right to be broadcasted and/or reproduced on Sunny Art Centre’s websites, catalogues, and marketing material (both printed and digital), as well as on Sunny Art Centre’s partners’ websites.

In addition, You agree to the following:
Your consent to and acceptance of section “4.User Generated Content” is irrevocable and shall be withstanding in perpetuity and on worldwide basis, including after the end of your Online Art Courses and after the termination of your account.

  1. Applicable Law and Enforcement of Terms

We have the right to enforce these terms and conditions from the moment You purchase one of our Online Art Courses, therefore enrolling in one of our courses.

We can terminate your account and prevent the use of our services, with or without notice, if You violate these terms and conditions (including payment of fees due to Us). We may recur to law enforcement and government agencies if You engage in illegal or fraudulent activities on our website and platform. We will have no liability to You or any third party following the termination of your account, removal of your content, and/or for preventing You from accessing our platforms and services.

  1. Access to Online Art Courses

Our website and platforms usually operate in a 24 hours a day service, providing You with constant access to our Online Art Courses. We shall not be liable if the website is unavailable in part or whole at any time. Access to the website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance, repair, or for reasons beyond our control.

  1. Privacy Policy

To learn more about how We treat your data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

  1. Gender Neutral and Pronouns

Wherever used herein, a pronoun in the masculine gender shall be considered as including the feminine gender unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

Whenever the context may require, any pronouns used in this policy shall include the corresponding masculine, feminine or neuter forms, and the singular form of nouns and pronouns shall include the plural, and vice versa.


Tickets and Events


Event: Any activity organised by Sunny Art Centre Ltd. within or outside its premises which is not part of regular Art Courses. These include, but are not limited to, opening receptions, exhibitions, special art workshops, and live talks.

1. General T&Cs of Purchase

Tickets for events including but not limited to exhibitions, opening receptions and ceremonies, and special workshops must be purchased before the date of the event.

Tickets are usually released one month prior to the beginning of the ticketed event. You must present your tickets in digital or printed format at the door in order to be allowed into the event. 

2. Refunds and Cancellations

As places for all events are limited, no refunds or cancellations can be issued for purchased tickets.

3. Privacy Policy

To learn more about how we treat your data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.