London Pop Up Art Fair Three times a year, Sunny Art Centre hosts a fleeting pop up art fair, to celebrate the latest innovations in the London art scene. This fair is intended to be a launch pad for the very best emerging and established artists from across the world. For instance, our most recent exhibition in June 2017 showcased artists from countries such as Turkey, China, Japan, and America. In addition to embracing different cultures, we also strive to include as many practices as possible, leading us to showcase everything from painting and sculpture, to jewellery and product design, and 3D and ceramic pieces. With this amount of variety, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t intrigue you. This summer saw artists such as Suheyl Onal from the London Royal College of Art, Brian Reinker - a graduate from the Art Students League of New York, and Zhang Yiding, currently studying at the Chelsea College of Art. The Pop Up Art Fair is organised every three months and typically takes place on a Friday. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to mingle with an array of talented artists and art enthusiasts. Our expert team of curators works to consistently present artwork at the forefront of creativity, bringing together both local and global practices and perspectives. The relaxed environment of our gallery merged with provocative artwork undeniably sparks stimulating conversation. Our mission and philosophy is to make brilliant art available to wider audiences and to allow individuals to explore and collect the art they love. This unmissable event is open to everyone; whether you are a collector or simply an art lover, you are sure to find the finest rising contemporary artists.