Workshop this month – Anatomy Drawing Class at Natural History Museum Drawing Class

We are holding a special anatomy drawing workshop on 27th March 2016, 10am – 12noon (Group One) & 1pm – 3.30pm (Group Two), at Natural History Museum. We will meet at the main entrance inside the Museum promptly at 10am & 1pm. We will visit a range of old masters’ sculptures and look into the technique for cast drawing.

A Methodical Approach to Anatomy

Most people go day to day without giving a single thought to human anatomy, which means that artists who understand it share a relatively rare knowledge. As artist Maggie Price once said, “Once you begin seeing with the eye of an artist, you never see the world the same way again.” This is true for many subjects that artists portray. When it comes to drawing the human body, it’s easy to take for granted how your shoulder moves your elbow, which moves your wrist–something that’s demonstrated every time you pour a cup of coffee. Study of human anatomy for artists sheds new light on how you look at the body, as well as how you can portray it in your figure drawings.

It’s ironic: so many people go through life oblivious to the intricacies of anatomy; figure artists, however, must have an understanding, a deep knowledge in order to draw humans in a realistic style. We all have our opinions on the importance of studying anatomy, but our workshop takes it a step further and offers advice on how to study this timeless subject.

No matter what source of information you choose to work with when drawing anatomy, you should follow a systematic approach by always starting with the bones. Information about the muscles is much more meaningful and memorable when you understand the boney structures on which they sit. When you move on to musculature, always ask yourself what a muscle’s origin, insertion, and functions are. Since form follows function, learning the functions of each muscle group along with their origins and insertions on the bones will allow you to comprehend their visual forms on a live human model.

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