Our art portfolio preparation courses will support your application for college, university or other further studies.

We have been helping students for over a decade with their foundation, BA or MA applications to art colleges and universities. At the same time, we have been assisting students to complete with their college projects.  The aim is to encourage the students to express a series of skills and critically engage with art through the work that is produced throughout the course.

Our art portfolio preparation course is designed for those that need tailored advice and high standards of expertise with their applications. We target the student’s needs to enhance their creativity but also to improve the technical and visual resolutions of their creations.


We offer portfolio assistance for those applying to various art and design courses such as:
Fine Art
Art and Design Foundation
Fashion Design/Textile Design
Graphic Design

Interview Guidance 


We also provide students with guidance for the interview process, such as preview of the portfolio or how to showcase the growth of your skills and your critical engagement with creativity and technical issues with both traditional and contemporary practices. Besides, we could provide professional advice for your personal statement so to help you to make an impact with your application.  Moreover, we regularly invite artists and renowned academics to deliver lectures here at Sunny Art Centre. We ask them to share with our students their thoughts and ideas about contemporary art practices and to give talks about art history and contemporary art. In addition to this, graduates from Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art, Slade School of Art, Glasgow College of Art and Goldsmith University will regularly come to our centre and share their successful experiences with our students.

Mixed Media Fine Art  Workshops 


This workshops is covering a wide range of materials and techniques used within contemporary Mixed Media Painting.  In each session students are introduced through Practical demonstrations and visual presentations a greater understanding of contemporary artists work and practice. Students will gain  knowledge of  various art movements and approaches to painting.  If you already have some knowledge of traditional painting methods this course will give you confidence  to  branch out and  work with new materials and processes. Works produced can also go towards your portfolio if applying for further study.

Art and Design Workshops

Our portfolio preparation course also provides assistance with graphic design portfolios for those students who wish to apply for a graphic, fashion illustration, communication or industrial design degrees. Moreover, the aim of this workshop is to stimulate the student's ideas and creativity rather than jumping into digital productions straight away. Therefore, it is an opportunity to build a body of work that can speak for you in terms of creative engagement and  of your potential in practical resolutions when it comes to the interview process, where most tutors want to see the student's intelligible approach with graphic designs as opposed to a completely mature oeuvre of work which will be developed throughout the degree.

Learn from Experts and Established Artists

Our tutors have many years of teaching experience. They graduated from world leading art colleges such as the Royal College of Art, École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Central Saint Martins College of Art, Chelsea College of Art, Goldsmith College of Art and the Florence Academy of Art. They exhibit their work in the UK as well as internationally, and have appeared in various publications and programs, including those of the BBC.  These qualities guarantee the high success rate our students achieve in entering the programmes of their choice.

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MON - WED:  15:00 – 18:00
FRI: Free access to Studio
SAT - SUN: 10:00-18:00

Tuition Fee
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How to Sign Up

You can email us or call us on 02086165990 to book your lesson.

What you need to bring
Student needs to bring previous artwork,  support material and imagery, and any mediums and materials they wish to use to each session. Excluding paper for dry media drawings, please note that the classes do not include materials.  We have various drawing and painting package combinations for sale at our studio which have been recommended by our professional art teachers. After purchasing a package, our tutors will go through the use and application of all the materials included.  Please check this link that will redirect you to our online shop:  ‘Art store – materials’.



PortfolioIn conjunction with our group classes, we offer one-to-one tuition for those students who need individual and specially tailored assistance. A dedicated tutor will follow the students through every step of the project which is being developed by the student. This individual approach reduces the timescale for the production of artworks and enhances the engagement of the student with critical analysis and creative intuition through direct dialogues between him/her, the tutor and the artwork. The timetable is the same as the one for the group lessons but a more personal timetable can be arranged in order to accommodate the student’s necessities.







Small Groups
We offer packages of lessons which can vary according to your needs and timetable, from a one-month intensive short course to a more extensive two year development course. Our classes hold a maximum of ten students allowing our teachers to provide guidance individually. Each student will be focusing on subjects that are suitable for their skill level and interest.

Personal Tailored Art Course 
Our classes are tailored to suit your artistic needs. During your first class, our tutors will identify your learning goals and provide you with a personalised study plan, in which your progress will be recorded after each lesson. The study plan will make sure each of our tutors is up to date on your progress.

Flexible  Booking 
Classes can be booked online at any time before your credits expire. After purchasing a package, you will be able to use your prepaid credits to attend any of our regular classes. This can be done via your online account, where you will find a timetable of upcoming classes.

Artistic studio in a Central London Location
Our art centre is in the heart of central London, only 1 minute's walk from Chancery Lane Tube Station (the Central line).  We create  a relaxing environment for our students with relaxing music, excellent light in the studio filled with sculptures and paintings but most importantly, with other students and the teachers who will help you to find your own inspiration. This enviroment allows ideas and creativity to flow freely and for students to express themselves.