We provide blue-chip one to one tuition for students that wish to attend private classes without having to renounce the flexibility that made our courses popular.

During our one to one courses, you will be allocated to specific tutors which will target your needs and help you develop the skills in areas and media you wish to focus on (this includes drawing, oil painting, watercolour, and acrylic).

During 1-1 courses, our team of international art tutors will devise the most suitable plan for you to follow in order to tackle your needs with a progressive structure in mind. This will be a unique and bespoke structure just for you and that will be devised after your first lesson, when your abilities and requirements will be assessed.


These bespoke art courses are especially suitable for students who:

  • Require bespoke tuition with targeted media and/or subject matter (such as watercolour, acrylic, oil paint, or drawing).
  • Need to build a professional portfolio for universities or professional purposes (e.g. portfolios for both BA and MA in fine arts, architecture, graphic design, illustration, fashion design/illustration).

You can learn a variety of media and techniques

We teach a variety of the media and their technical aspects. These include oil painting, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, and much more.  

You will also approach a variety of subject matter that ranges from life drawing, portraits, still life, landscapes, and plein air painting.



  • Take part in a structured course with the flexibility to choose time slots that fit your timetable. You will be able to choose your starting date and your preferred day and time of the week when to attend your lesson.
  • Join lessons taught by tutors with prodigious experience and background who come from the best international academies and universities all over the world.
  • Take advantage of a structured and bespoke tuition to help you develop and achieve your needs, whether you wish to work on your academic portfolio, your personal development with art, or for professional projects.
  • We can teach you how to handle a variety of media, from drawing materials to oil, acrylic, or/and watercolours. 
  • Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our tutors will be able to devise a suitable plan according to your needs.
  • Our 1-1 courses are open to everyone, from young students (7-yo minimum) to university and more senior students.



Title: Landscape painting
Medium: Watercolour on paper
Student Name:
Year: 2014
Title: Flowers
Medium: Oil on canvas
Student Name: Diana Rice
Year: 2012
Title: Cast drawing - Foot
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student Name: Ling Phung
Year: 2014
Title: Still life drawing
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student Name: Dianna Rice
Year: 2013
Title: Life drawing
Medium: Charcoal on paper
Student Name: Dianna Rice
Year: 2014
Title: Landscape drawing
Medium: Charcoal on paper
Student Name: Dianna Rice
Year: 2014
Title: Still life drawing - Cabbage
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student Name: Inna
Year: 2014
Title: Portrait
Medium: Pencil on paper
Student’s Name: Mohammed Suqlain
Year: 15/12/2013