Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Corporate Art Service

Sunny Art Centre provides bespoke corporate art services to clients looking for workshops, branding ideas or unique events inspired by Chinese culture. Our in-house team of Chinese painters and calligraphers has been providing personalisation services to world-renowned companies and enterprises for years. We regularly collaborate with well-established cultural and financial institutions, as well as commercial and fashion brands.


Chinese Painting 

At the Sunny Art Centre we have a team of highly qualified and renown Chinese painters with exceptional academic backgrounds and artistic careers. Indeed, our Chinese painting masters hold various qualifications from both Chinese and British Artistic institutions, amongst which Taipei Municipal University of Education, China Academy of Art, China Central Academy of Art, Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Arts and have exhibited extensively in both Europe and Asia. The strength of our team resides in its versatility. Our painters are highly skilled in both the traditional and meticulous Chinese painting, better known as Gongbi, and more abstract and contemporary style, known as Shui-mo. They also have extensive experience in collaborating with prestigious businesses and institutions, and hence in creating personalised traditional and contemporary Chinese paintings for marketing and promotional purposes.

Our painters are accustomed to working with a variety of materials. Their personalised paintings can indeed adorn surfaces made of: metal glass,  different fabrics, leather, plastic cardboard,paper.

And they can work with:ink, acrylics, glass paint, oil paint.


The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy is world-renowned for its gestural movement and painterly touch. Not only is it a functional way of writing, but it is also considered an art form within Asian culture. Our master calligraphers come from the most renown calligraphy schools and are experience in putting their artistic abilities to the service of academic and artistic institutions as well as fashion and make-up businesses.

Our Corporate Services

Sunny Art Centre offers corporate art services to both the private and public industries. These corporate art services aim to provide assistance to small and large businesses which wish to include traditional and contemporary Chinese painting and Calligraphy in their marketing and promotional strategies.

Our experienced artists and calligraphers will be able to:

  • design creative, China-inspired, artistic packaging for your branded products. These can include calligraphic work or brush painting patterns and motifs
  • organise events involving artistic activities (personalised calligraphy and Chinese painting) which will attract the attention of your clients towards your products
  • plan interactive workshops for your clients or audience in which the participants can immerse in Chinese culture and express themselves through traditional Eastern media and techniques

Our on demand art services range from a one-time workshop session, lasting only a few hours, to a series of activities spread over multiple weeks. We can host our activities at our venue or can alternatively provide our services at your premises (including multiple branches at the same time). Whether you are looking for a corporate event, a creative workshop, or creative branding ideas, we can provide the best package to enhance your marketing and PR strategies through art.

Our Clients

Our experience and quality of service are the fruits of numerous successful collaborations with leading institutions and enterprises. Partners we worked with include BBC Worldwide, SKY TV, ITV, Selfridges & Co., HSBC, the Royal Academy of Arts, L’Oréal, Harrods, Giorgio Armani, Sisley, Givenchy, the University of Birmingham, Estée Lauder and many more.

Some of our past Corporate Services include:



Giorgio Armani commissioned Sunny Art Centre to launch one of their Chinese inspired products. Chinese style paintings from our artists were selected to be printed on Armani packaging and complimentary items. Designated showrooms in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Westfield’s displayed the original works painted by our artists. Through this opportunity, we broadened people’s appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture outside of mainstream galleries and museums. Moreover, we enhanced the marketing and branding strategies following the Oriental theme chosen by the fashion designer for the collection.


A series of limited edition fragrance bottles were created by our Chinese painters for Givenchy’s launch of their new collection of perfumes. The products were displayed on the ground floor at Harrods and the event has been featured by Givenchy's social media. The intricately handcrafted designs were based on the concepts behind the fragrances and their main Chinese floral ingredients. Ten different designs were created for a series of ten perfumes.


Sunny Art Centre was asked by Selfridges to design and launch a new shopping experience for their customers during the Chinese New Year (2015, 16 and 17). Our Chinese painters produced unique and delicate paintings on cards to accompany the customers’ in-store and/or online purchases. Selfridges was keen to emphasise the importance of the handcrafted art piece and of Chinese contemporary art in modern culture, and our work definitely enabled them to achieve their goal. It was a meaningful experience in which Classical Chinese painting was creatively combined with the concept of gift-giving.


We organised several interactive demonstrations and workshop for HSBC local branches across the UK to promote Chinese art and culture. Participants had the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent and creativity and learn from our Chinese artists. Our programme enabled clients to produce a unique, handcrafted, festive art piece and to bring it home along with a written Chinese blessing made by our calligraphy artists. Customer interaction was at the foundation of this workshop.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts, in collaboration with the Sunny Art Centre, hosted a Chinese ink workshop for its visitors. The event took place at the historic Reynolds Room and more than 300 participants experienced the magical possibilities of Chinese ink. Thanks to this workshop, people became accustomed to and inspired by this unique art form, which they might have not had a chance to explore directly before. Hence, differently from mainstream drawing/painting workshops, this event gave people the possibility to experience a different art form.