We understand that, nowadays, many brands operate on an international level. For this reason, we believe that targeting the right customers with cutting-edge and unique visual, product, and event merchandising is essential.

Cultural differences mean that, for example, a group of targeted customers from the West may respond differently to variables such as colours, designs, and graphics, from a different target market from an Asian country.

For this reason, we have a team of world-leading creative individuals that can help your brand develop effective visual strategies for the right audiences.

How we can help your business

We have a trackable record in providing an exceptional in-store retail experience which will differentiate your brand from the competition. Moreover, we can help you with the following:

Store and Event Visual Merchandising

• Plan, create, and implement brand-specific visual merchandising that ranges from the in-store experience of your products and brand to window displays by prodigious contemporary artists. Our contemporary artist can create spectacular settings by being able to work with almost every surface and handle every media at their disposal.

Product Merchandising

• We can help you elaborate strategies to enhance the design, packaging, and display of a product or service through our product merchandising service so to encourage purchases. If you wish to create targeted product experiences, we have the skills and craftsmanship to elaborate and enhance the branding of your product without compromises.

Target Audiences

• Conceive audience-specific event merchandising strategies. We understand brand may wish to push their brand experience further and organize seasonal events for targeted audiences. Our team can also develop effective strategies for specific seasonal events and holidays such as Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year and Chinese festivals, Valentine's Day, and many more.

Our experience and quality of service are the fruits of numerous successful collaborations with leading institutions and enterprises. Partners we worked with include:

Check examples of previously commissioned work that ranges from product personalisation services to on-site live activities executed by our in-house team of world-class artists.


A new collection of makeup products was launched for the spring/summer season in London stores located in Selfridges and Harrods as well as in Birmingham. Our contemporary visual artists were called to execute handmade and unique painted patterns on the packaging of the products. These varied from floral motifs to pre-ordered bespoke designs for customers.

The idea behind the launch was to provide customers with a personalised product, enhancing the brand's already strong devotion for personalised experiences for their customers. In a competitive market, the idea of providing collectable pieces of art, rather than mere products, allowed the brand to intensify the appetite for its new collection.


Unique paintings inspired by the flowery ingredients of the brands’ perfumes were painted on-site for customers for these in-store visual merchandising projects. Our artist used fine painting techniques which involved the use of long-lasting acrylic paints mixed with watercolours to provide a collectable piece of art in Givenchy's store in Harrods.

The visual merchandising effect of the product display was to reproduce an environment that would stimulate the customer into visualising the setting as a garden of Eden with exotic connotations.


A series of bespoke and branded packaging was designed to provide targeted customers with greater brand experience and engagement level during the Chinese New Year period. Our in-house artists produced fine silver calligraphic work and patterns which translated in good wishes for the new year ahead.

The in-store design was enriched with red and silver patters on large walls resembling the motifs of the packaging adding a coherent warm feeling to the environment in line with the graceful touch of the finely branded products.

Tommy Hilfiger

Bespoke and individually branded notebooks were created live during an event designed to provide targeted customers with greater brand experience and engagement level. Our in-house artists produced fine personalised notebooks, using inks to recreate the effect of gold embroidery work, which were inspired by the company’s new Spring/Summer collection.


Bespoke and individually branded notebooks and greeting cards were created live during an event designed to provide targeted customers with greater brand experience and engagement level. Our in-house artists produced fine watercolour art pieces which were inspired by the company’s new Spring/Summer collection.

The in-store design was enriched with abstracted watercolours patters on large walls resembling the motifs of the new collection adding a fresh and light feeling to the environment in line with the graceful touch of the watercolours on the finely branded products.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani commissioned Sunny Art Centre to launch one of their new collection of products. Chinese style paintings from our artists were selected to be printed on their packaging and complimentary items. Designated showrooms in Selfridges, Harvey Nichol's and Westfield’s displayed the original works painted by our artists. Through this opportunity, we hoped to broaden peoples’ appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture outside of mainstream galleries and museums.

The People Who Share X Somerset House

The People Who Share is a non-profit organising promoting the utilisation of wasted and unused resources. Sunny Art Centre teamed up with them to celebrate the beginning of the world-wide 'Sharing week' extravaganza in 2017 at the prestigious Somerset House, London.

In the spirit of sharing, our artists were invited to create live large-scale artworks responding to the evening's events using recycled or unused resources from the event itself. As the live art performance unfolded and increased in scale, our artists manipulated the environment around them in order to create a surreal atmosphere embracing the audiences within the space in an installation-like, immersive experience.


Selfridges asked Sunny Art Centre to design and launch a new shopping experience for their customers during Chinese New Year. Our Chinese artists produced unique and delicate Chinese paintings on-site while customers were shopping. As Selfridges emphasised, this project strengthened the importance of the handcrafted art piece, associated with the handcrafted textile product, and the relevance of Chinese contemporary art in modern culture.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf and Sunny Art Centre collaborated on and launched a project in which our artists hand painted a line of limited edition Viktor & Rolf perfume bottles for Harrods. Each bottle was painted by hand with a variety of unique flowers and blossoms. In the same year, Viktor & Rolf also launched similar collaborations with Sunny Art Centre at Selfridges in Manchester and Westfields in Stratford.

La Mer

This nationwide branding project for La Mer involved the creation of bespoke packaging targeting Chinese audiences by using silver inks to write greetings and good wishes. The handwritten calligraphic style was developed following a close study of ancient Chinese characters from the Oracle Bone Script and "Bell and Pot" style (also known as metal style) which developed during the Germinant period. 

The fine and delicate style and careful execution of each and every part of the packaging was meant to reflect the meticulous attention to detail and the graceful nature of the brand's identity.

We select and check every member of our team through rigorous quality and expertise standards. Our leading team of international contemporary visual artists have prodigious educational backgrounds from the most prestigious institutions in the world such as the Royal Academy School and UAL in London, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and the prestigious Charles. H. Cecil Studios in Florence.