Shanxun - Contemporary Chinese Life Painting


Open between: June 25th - 30th 2018. Opening times time: 9am to 4pm.

Master Xu Shanxun's paintings affirm the vitality of the human body while also restoring its original links to Nature. In a fashion similar to Chinese landscape paintings, his depictions of human bodies come to life through the arrangement of organic patterns of lines. Moreover, the subdued colour palette of his compositions also has a strong reference to earthy colours typical of Chinese landscapes. An aspect that Master Shanxun admires of depictions of traditional Chinese panoramas is the abstract quality that is conferred to them through specific uses of these patterns of lines and colours.

By using these formal qualities, usually attributed to landscape painting, to depict the human body, Master Shanxun is hoping to reconnect the body with nature. At the same time, the use of abstraction emphasises the idea of a universal reconciliation between these two subjects. Line, colours, and their formal composition in abstract patterns speak to a worldwide audience trapped in an age of extreme mechanisation of the world. By playing with the viewer’s perceptions, the figures tend to merge with or disappear from the landscape, to then rematerialise themselves in the composition through a charming and seductive interweaving of organic forms.