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Agapit Casas Abarca | Landscape of Camprodon

Agapit Casas Abarca (1874 – 1964) - Landscape of Camprodon

Oil on panel
Signed lower left. On the back: a label from the ‘Primavera Exhibition’ held in Barcelona in 1935. Literature from the exhibition: ‘Exposició de Primavera’, p. 15, cat. 22
Size: 60x50cm
Conditions: In good condition. Moulded, painted and giltwood frame

Agapit Casas Abarca was a Catalan painter who was born in Barcelona in February 1874 and died in Barcelona in November 1964, at the grand age of 90. Casas Abarca was born into a family of artists; two of his uncles were great sculptors, Venanci Abarca and Agapit Vallmitjana Abarca (1850 -1915), and he shared his passion with his brother Pere Casas Abraca (1857-1958) who became a famous painter, sculptor, and designer. His schooling is undocumented, but perhaps he learnt many skills from his uncles and brother Pere. Agapit specialised in landscape painting, and he often exhibited his work in exhibitions including Sala Pares in Barcelona during the first half of the twentieth century. He also showed in Madrid during this time. Throughout his life, his work was admired by critics and the public. Today, many of Casa Abarca paintings belong to private collectors, and impressively his ‘Garden of Sant Gervasi’ is listed as part of Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya collection, in Barcelona.

Agapit Casas Abarca’s painting ‘Landscape of Camprodon’ is a portrayal of a partially lit, country scene on a summer’s day in Camprodon (a small town in the comarca of Ripolles in Girona, Catalonia, Spain located in the Pyrenees near the French border). A favoured painting location during his life. The painting’s foreground illustrates a stream reflecting the cerulean sky and cirrus clouds above. A row of tall trees resides to the left of the stream that cast large shadows over the water, the right bank, and a figure on a pathway. Part of the middle-ground to the background depicts an illuminated hill with vegetation, that are positioned in front of receding mountains under a blanket of yellow/purplish clouds.

Agapit Casas Abarca was part of the Impressionism Movement (an artistic style developed in France in the 1860s to capture the visual impression of the moment, rather than an accurate depiction). Casas Abarca painting ‘Landscape of Camprodon’ expresses a painterly approach focused on achieving the colour of the light and the essence of his motif ­- a beautiful example of the artist’s capability and maturity as a modern, impressionist landscape painter.     

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