Oriental School (19th Cent.) | Sweet and Tender Love


Oriental School - Sweet and Tender Love

Circa 1850
Oil on Panel
Size: 41x42cm framed, 40x33cm unframed
Conditions: Excellent

It is believed that the artist of this painting comes for the Oriental School (a group of artists known as the orientalists that travelled to North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in search of new and exotic cultural experiences). The artist demonstrates an academic and skilled hand in portraiture and genre painting. 

The painting ‘Sweet and Tender’ is a portrayal of a Chinese man and woman through tender interaction. The artist captures a young woman playing a Chinese moon guitar to the loving ears of her admirer. The couple is dressed in lavish clothing and jewellery, surrounded by a circle of plants under a blue and slightly cloudy sky. Through the artist’s muses, one is reminded of love and affection between two people.