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Lautaro Saavedra Oliver

Lautaro lives and works in Barcelona (Spain) as well as in Pietrasanta (Italy). As a sculptor, he favours noble materials such as marble and bronze. He has mastered the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, with which he creates exclusive, unrepeatable artworks. Lautaro keeps no moulds for the reproduction of his pieces in order to ensure the uniqueness of each of his creations.

His symbolic universe is reminiscent of Greek and Egyptian art while giving a breath of life to the vanguards of the twenty-first century. Perfecting detailed anatomical rendering, Lautaro combines the forms of a human body with animal heads in a style that features unusual shapes and texture. His hybrid anthropomorphic beings represent the tragic, hilarious, and ironical sides of life. Each sculpture embodies the temperament of Lautaro, and his nature balancing passion, impulse, and reflection.


Monumental installation
«Vilamar», Calafell, Tarragona, Spain- Permanent Installation

Solo exhibitions
«Tree of life», Plataforma Mozaika, Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain

“Guerreros” Galeria Katapult , Basel, Switzerland

“Guerreros” La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

“Gente corriente” Bettendorffsche Galerie Im Schlossgarten. Germany

Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain

Galleria Europa, Lido de Camaiore, (LU) Italy

Group exhibitions
Colectiva Galeria Victor Saavedra “Singular 2017” Barcelona, Spain

“Pasion por coleccionar” Torreon de los Borja, Borja(Zaragoza), Spain

Proyecto SIO x,y,z Galeria Víctor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain

Proyecto SIO x,y,z. Galeria Katapult , Basel, Switzerland

Colectiva Galeria Victor Saavedra “Singular 2016” Barcelona, Spain

Colectiva Galeria Victor Saavedra “Singular 2015” Barcelona, Spain

Proyecto SIO x,y,z Galeria Ei, Barcelona, Spain

Proyecto SIO x,y,z Torre Vella de Salou, Spain

Proyecto SIO x,y,z, ARt-studio, Barcelona, Spain

ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

Colectiva “Iuri Rodkin, Pat Andrea, Lautaro” Galeria Victor Saavedra Barcelona

“Natura Anfibia” MC2 Gallery Milano, Italy

“Fratelli e Sorelle” Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona

“Fratelli e Sorelle” Galleria Europa, Lido de Camaiore, (LU) Italy

Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona, Spain

International Fairs
Scope Art Basel X. Basel, Switzerland

X Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

First Prize for Sculpture. X Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

Architecture SALLE; 1-year Industrial Design ESDI

Formation in the studio «Giannoni» in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy.

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