We now offer a range of on-site and live online art masterclasses carefully designed and taught by our team of highly qualified practising professional artists. These art classes will acquaint our students with different possible approaches to the art of drawing and painting, while also providing them with essential artistic skills and techniques.

Each art masterclass provides you with the opportunity to explore a specific medium, genre or technique in a very in-depth fashion. By the end of each course, you will have acquired a solid understanding of various media and materials, which will allow you to progress and experiment further with your art practice.

Our courses are as art should be: open to everyone. We have different art short courses depending on the student's level and preferred medium. Refer to the suitability section of each art course for more details.

Want to draw like Michelangelo or paint like Caravaggio? Choose your favourite medium and embark on a unique creative journey. Explore the available masterclasses below.

You can attend your art masterclasses both at our central London art studio or remotely online via our live online teaching platform.

All of our masterclasses can be learnt in our central London art studio at Sunny Art Centre or remotely online via our live online teaching platform. The live online art tuition will follow the same structure as our on-site sessions. You can, therefore, have live interactive art lessons with our expert art tutors remotely, wherever you are.


Impressionist Pastel Drawing (Degas)

Learn how to draw like an Impressionist artist through this 3-day masterclass dedicated to pastel techniques as used by French artist Degas. 

Course Dates: July 6th – 8th 2020

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Renaissance Life Drawing: Raphael & Michelangelo

Explore and practice (with a life model too) the drawing techniques used by Italian artists Raphael and Michelangelo to master the human body and the history of the Italian Renaissance. 

Course Dates: July 13th – 15th 2020

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Turner's Landscape Watercolour Techniques

Ever wanted to paint dramatic landscapes JMW Turner? This 3-day masterclass will allow you to learn his watercolour techniques for landscapes and engage with the history of the Romantic art.

Course Dates: July 20th – 23rd 2020

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Dutch Flower Painting Technique (oil painting)

Are you a lover of still life and botanical art? This 3-day masterclass will help you learn the oil painting techniques used by Dutch Renaissance artists to depict hyper-realistic botanical art.

Course Dates: July 27th – 29th 2020


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Chiaroscuro Portrait Painting Technique (oil painting)

This 3-day masterclass will teach you how to manipulate lights and shadows on portraits with oil painting and explore the amazing possibilities for contrast as exploited by artists such as Caravaggio. 

Course Dates: August 3rd – 5th 2020

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19th Century Alla Prima Landscape Oil Painting Technique

Alla prima oil painting techniques have been used by artists such as such a John Singer Sargent, Degas and Monet. Learn how to apply such techniques in this 3-day masterclass and engage with the history of 19th-century art.

Course Dates: August 10th – 12th 2020

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Our Art Centre’s team of expert art tutors has an incredibly strong academic background - they honed their valuable skills and trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts and Central Saint Martins in London, the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the Athens Academy in Greece, and the Florence Academy of Art.

The extraordinary efforts of the art tutors ensure that the organisation can continuously deliver bespoke cutting-edge art tuition for students both on-site at our London art studio, Sunny Art Centre or remotely online.