Corporate Art Services

Our corporate art services programme creates art events and unique workshops that cater to a corporation’s internal staff as well as their external client base.

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The Gallery hosts an exciting programme of exhibitions, offering a platform for local and international contemporary artists. We aim to showcase a diverse range of artists from sculpture, painting and drawing disciplines. Our exhibitions are hosted on a monthly basis, incorporating a mix of open call and internally curated projects to provide support for emerging and well-established artists. This is a space dedicated to developing the intrinsic value of fine arts.

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Art & Design Shop

The Art & Design Shop presents unique items of high quality. We endeavour to find beautifully crafted jewellery, ceramics and prints from local and international designers. Whether looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or bespoke pieces we will help you to find what you are looking for.

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Artist Talk & Lectures

We offer an exciting programme of monthly lectures from recognised individuals in specialist creative industry fields. Listen to public talks and discussions by contemporary established artists, art historians and recognised professionals in the art world. We hope our series of lectures will provide invaluable knowledge and a fresh insight into fine art practices.

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Venue Hire

Hold your next event with us, we will take care in catering to the specific needs of your special occasion or function. The studio is available to rent for art and photography projects, classes, exhibitions, private parties and meetings. Our 2,500 square foot space is conveniently located a minute walk from Chancery Lane tube station and is equipped with a reception, kitchen, showers, toilets and security.

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Drawing & Painting Course

Our centre hosts drop-in art lessons in London. Our art classes are designed for anyone who wants to develop and improve their drawing and painting skills, as well as for those looking to prepare their art portfolio for degree applications. Our drawing and painting lessons provide an introduction on the use of traditional drawing and painting materials from oil and acrylic paint, to watercolours, pastels, charcoal and graphite. We focus on teaching formal issues, such as line, tone, colour, proportion, scale and composition, and in the development of genres such as portraiture, still life, old master techniques, life drawing and cast drawing.  On completion of our courses, students will have acquired a broad skill base and a thorough understanding of drawing and painting techniques. Students will also have learned how to instigate and develop creative ideas. These courses are for artists of all skill-levels from beginners to experienced artists. Our art classes aim to provide students with an easy to follow structure for understanding principles. Our tutors work one-to-one with each student using various approaches to help develop each individual’s interests and opinions in art, ultimately reaching their artistic goals.  In order to fulfil an increasing demand and interest in our studio, Sunny Art Centre has organised our academic art classes in the following categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Students can choose 4 to 80 classes, according to their needs.  Our aim is that each student will develop a unique artistic sensibility to which they can call their own.

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Portfolio Preparation

Our London fine art portfolio development courses can hep anyone in creating an extraordinary body of artwork for either school applications or for a college or university, ultimately strengthening the impression made on admissions and scholarship committees. Our tutors have all graduated from world-leading art colleges and have many years of portfolio preparation experience. Our classes will focus on the student’s development as an individual artist, ensuring a high rate of success in entering the art college of their choice.

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Chinese Painting Course

Our Chinese painting course provides a basic and systematic approach to traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. It introduces students to the use and care of ink painting materials. Studio practice includes instruction for brush strokes in the ‘Xieyi’ or ‘Spontaneous’ style, the ‘Outline’ or ‘Meticulous’ style, and the ‘Integrated’ style of painting.

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Chinese Calligraphy Course

Chinese calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters. In our classes, students are taught how to use the brush, as well as being given an artistic and etymological introduction to China’s system of writing. These are important keys to understand and appreciate Chinese art, history and culture. Students learn and practice basic brush strokes and characters in a meditative, relaxed atmosphere. Classes often begin with a demonstration, followed by time for individual attention, allowing students of all levels to learn at their own pace.

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Landscape Painting & Drawing

We hold off-site landscape painting and drawing workshops once a month, providing the perfect opportunity for students to hone their light, colour, and tonal skills within a plein-air environment. They will be encouraged to experiment and push their technical boundaries. Our tutors will be there to support our students with compositional and technical skills, as well as providing background information on the long and complex tradition of the landscape genre.

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Art Tour

The Art Tour gives the opportunity to have a full 360 degrees view of the British and Western Art Market. It has been designed in order to provide an understanding of the history of Western art through bespoke tours to the best national museums. Moreover, a series of tours to auction houses, top notch art consultants, curators and leading figures of the industry will provide investors, businesses, art funds and organisations form different markets with a solid confidence on the current momentum in regards to both Old Masters and contemporary art.

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Course Support for International Art Students

Studying abroad for the first time can be an exciting experience for many students, our course is specially designed to guide international who may be unfamiliar with U.K University course structures and requirements. Students will receive one to one tutoring on a variety of areas including essay and dissertation writing, presentations, research, revision, exam prep and fine art projects. Course guidance is available for Foundation, BA, MA and PhDs.

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Art Rental Service

Art collecting can be a difficult task. Our Rent an Artwork service is designed to make the process of collecting art accessible. Whether you’re investing or collecting for pleasure, no matter what the reason, we provide a flexible program to make starting or furthering an art collection easier.

Our new service is a great way for you to add some stunning artwork to your home or business. This programme was born out of a desire to help businesses establish a more creative environment to boost employee morale, and to help our artists reach a wider audience.

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Gallery Representation & Promotion/Artist Consultancy/Art Agent

Boost your network across the art world through a series of events, exhibitions and opportunities throughout the year. Take advantage of our marketing and designer teams that can help you build and manage your website, social channels and online presence.


  1. Take advantage of our connections and networks.
  2. Get a hand in building and managing your website, from photos of your work to marketing solutions.
  3. Learn how to promote, market and sell your artwork online with help from industry professionals.


  1. Lots of event and commission opportunities in the U.K and abroad.
  2. Access to events and networking opportunities to strengthen your ties with the art business world.

Exhibition and commissions

  1. Exhibit your work in our group shows and exhibitions organised with partner galleries
  2. Access to opportunities such as private and public commissions with large institutions.


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