Sunny Art Centre’s expertise on the Asian art market helped international fine art collectors nurture their relationship with a strongly engaged art market in the East. By partnering with international Chinese institutions such as the National Art Museum of China, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Today Art Museum and the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Sunny Art Centre encourages fresh dialogues between Western and Eastern collections.

Sunny Art Centre has the honour of helping collectors that range from national institutions looking to expand their collections as well as private collectors in need of expertise on intercontinental trade. The dedicated exhibitions and cultural events, organised with our partners’ galleries in Shanghai and Beijing, allow Sunny Art Centre to galvanise the confidence in cross-cultural exchanges.

We have successfully helped international collectors selling or acquiring some of the most exemplary artworks in the history of Western art which range from Old Masters to Modern work and Contemporary Art. Artworks that we handle range from drawings and paintings to fine prints and ceramics by masters such as John Constable, J.W.M. Turner, Henry Moore, Dalí, Picasso, and Modigliani.

We are always looking for new items to purchase and add to our collection. If you believe that you may have an artwork we will be interested in, please do email us all the relevant details, including photos and provenance.

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